The Great Treatise of Astrology: A Massive Volume on the “Academic” Topics of the Art of Urania: (Vol 1) by Ciro Discepolo

This is probably the newest and most complete treatise in the field of Western Astrology today. The Author, one of the leading exponents of art of Urania in the world, has 42 years of extensive research and has published more than 70 books in 7 languages on this topic. In this substantial book of around 1000 pages he has condensed his enormous experience, based on over 100,000 consultations and over 25,000 Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns, which he has drawn and successfully supervised, not only for himself and his family, but also for thousands of clients. In this treatise he reflects on his numerous studies, which have brought him to the forefront of astrological research above all in the execution of many operations, such as the dating of the events of a specific year; the value of a cusp in the Houses (which he calculates to be 2.5 degrees); the 34 primary rules required to aim a Solar Return or the 20 rules necessary to aim a Lunar Return; the importance that should be given to the role of Houses in relation to that of the Signs in the interpretation of a Natal Chart; his use of elevated geographical latitudes in order to amplify the Houses; the invention of algorithms which allow the reader to make a more informed choice (the book contains several links to his website where such services are offered free of charge); the comprehensive vision of all the “stars” of an entire family in order to explain important events, as is discussed at length here in the saga of the Gandhis, a family marked by death. The author was initially educated in the school of the French astrologer André Barbault, and he later became a follower of leading scholars, including Charles E. O. Carter, Charles Harvey, Reinhold Ebertin, Henri J. Gouchon, among others. He is particularly proud of two unique achievements: he is the only astrologer in the world to have been paid to hold a seminar in Astrology in the prestigious university of Padova, in the very same hall where Galileo Galilei used to teach, and he is the only astrologer in the world who has received recognition from mainstream scientists for no less than two of his discoveries.

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