Astro and Geography by Ciro Discepolo

Astrogeography probably represents, together with the Aimed Solar Returns and the Aimed Lunar Returns, the most objective and mathematically verifiable field of the entire Art of Urania. As with our other publications, in this short, yet exhaustive text also, we have adhered the following rule: an example is worth a thousand words. Here you’ll find many examples; probably all of them can be defined remarkable ones. These examples show in practice how true and verifiable by anyone is Astrogeography, a discipline whose readability, a priori and a posteriori, leaves people almost bewildered by what might be called its ‘scientific’ features. Astrogeography – but this may as well refer to all of Astrology – expresses the basic concept upon which our studies rely: namely, that everything that is born takes on the characteristics of the place and the moment of its birth. Therefore, if we apply the variable space to all the components of Astrology, we are able to experience at first-hand how the real things change depending on their geographic latitude and longitude. In this text you can also find the evidence that Astrogeography was already known to Girolamo Cardano, an Italian Renaissance astrologer; in fact, it is probable that this field of astrological knowledge was known even centuries before him. This volume lists all the astrogeographical positions that may be of interest, together with their explanations. They help you detect the best places on Earth that you can move to and achieve a successful career, monetary gain, love, health, and so on… You will also find detailed explanations about the so-called parans, which are so important in World Astrology. This volume is an extensively revised edition of the earlier Italian publication. It has been co-written by me and Andrea Rossetti, one of the best Italian astrologers, who has a great passion for this subject and has contributed more than me to this work, which I hope will be successful in its English version also.

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