Arts and Stars by Ciro Discepolo

I hope English speaking fans of Astrology will like this new volume of mine. It is not a technical book, but I am sure it will prove handy also for those who are not exactly beginners in astrological studies. Since the 1970s I have had a column titled “Estri & Astri” (Flairs & Asters) in widely circulated magazines (with one million readers), and later in a second column titled “Arti & Astri” (Arts & Stars.)In the present volume I wish to offer you a selection of my writings from these columns that, in my opinion, can be particularly enjoyable for simple reading and, at the same time, can also teach many astrological rules. It is mainly a book of astrological portraits of famous people, but it also includes film, book, and play reviews in which Astrology is always in the background – either explicitly or implicitly – leaving the reader to uncover it.

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