Twelve: The Original Solar and Lunar Zodiacs from the Bible’s view point and how they gave Rise to much of Greek and Roman Myth by L Steven Cheairs

The name of this book is Twelve and this is because this book will consider some topics which are based on this number. In developing this book I began in the Bible with the twelve tribes of Israel. Here the number twelve for the tribes of the nation is easily understood because of twelve sons of Jacob. When we move to the New Testament, why are there twelve apostles? An easy answer is the writers of various books were Jews and together they created the early church and in doing so they just copied the number of tribes, which seems plausible. If the number twelve ended with these then this would explain everything, but it doesn’t end here. The Bible is full of topics listed in groups of twelve. For example in Revelation we see twelve fruits on the Tree of Life, one of each type for each month of the year. How is the fruit on the Tree of Life linked to the calendar and while we are at it why is there twelve signs in the Solar Zodiac which also cover this same period of time, a year? Also, why did the Greeks have twelve Titans as their second generation of gods? These were followed by a third generation of gods, the twelve Olympians in the time of Zeus. Why? Is all of this related? The answer is yes! And the early church was continually accused by the Roman world of copying the Greek mythology and there are still books today that state much the same thing, such as in speaking about the Mysteries of Dionysus. This book will not explain why twelve fruit are seen on the Tree of Life; I did that in another book. This book will explain why the number twelve is seen in Greek mythology, the Bible tribes, the apostles, and the Solar Zodiac and it will show how they are related. In the end it will show that it was the pagan’s who copied God’s people, not the other way around.

In order to accomplish this I will reference some ancient books such as the “Antiquity of the Jew” by Flavius Josephus. This book also draws on text from a book of Aristotle called “Metaphysics”. In addition both New and the Old Testaments of the Bible will be used extensively to show the Bible fully supports what I am stating. This book pulls in other ancient knowledge as well. And in doing these major tasks outlined for this book it does throw in a lot of little tidbits of knowledge, like explaining using concepts obtained from physics what hell is and why it is said to be dark and hot and how it holds the evil spirits in confinement. What were the bonds that Jesus had to pass through at the resurrection and how could He do it. Along with how were the saints of old released to be resurrected along with Him? This book also using physics explains the separation of groups of disobedient spirits into groups of sinfulness at similar levels, that is to say chambers of hell. In short there is a wealth of knowledge in this book that will reinforce your Christian faith. Also this book was a winner in the National Novel Writing Month November writing contest for 2013. The price of my books is all quite low, I spend much more to develop my books then I ever make in book sales. The few dollars you will spend will be well worth the thousands of dollars of effect this book will have on your knowledge that is gained.

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