Eclipse! by Diane Ronngren

Think of an Eclipse as if it were an “alarm clock” that awakens you to a new life and personal experience. To find out if we need to change or shift our focus in life, we can ask ourselves: 1. Do I feel satisfied and proud of the job I am doing in my life, both with my career (to reach my career goals) and with regard to the people I love? 2. Do I have people in my life that nurture, respect and care about what’s going on in my life – and who help me in my effort to reach my goals? 3. Are my career, financial, interpersonal and residential circumstances ones I am satisfied with, or do I somehow feel restricted/blocked from being all I can be? Eclipses offer opportunities to plan your future – to create a life you want to live! Not every Eclipse offers each of us a chance to change/focus the direction of our life. But every Eclipse brings an opportunity for change and growth on many levels to those who feel the need and are ready for something different in their lives.

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