Expanding on the Astrology of Edgar Cayce by D M Hoover

Quote from Edgar Cayce on the study of Astrology : “As we look about us we see the various spheroids, spheres, planets or solar systems, and they have their individual activity. Look at the soul of man and know it may be equal to, or greater; for it must be man’s ability to control one of such! Vast study, yes!” [311-10]

In this book I attempt to expand upon the astrological data given during the Edgar Cayce life readings in search of a broader concept for astrological delineation. This would include consideration of the Sidereal as well as the Tropical chart information.

From my unique perspective of over 40 years of research into the Cayce readings, and as a practicing Tropical Astrologer, I delve into the underlying messages and aspects in the astrological portions of his life readings. The penultimate chapter is on “Jesus and Arcturus” while the final chapter focuses on Edgar Cayce’s 42nd Solar Return, a point in time which he was advised would be the time that he was best equipped to give the world a universal message pertaining to the importance of our existence.

We also look at the background of the people for whom the readings were given, and how the data fit with their current life as well as the potential past life indicators and how it may have impacted them. Beyond this, we examine some of the other information given regarding the way in which Mr.Cayce saw the individual’s soul and personality in a multi-lifetime perspective.

There is I’m certain much in the astrological realm which is yet to be discovered, to think about and develop. This book is an attempt to stimulate interest in these new ideas and concepts and hopefully their development for future generations.

As Edgar Cayce tells us, astrology is a vast subject.

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