Edgar Cayce On Biblical Reincarnations and the Essenes by D M Hoover

This book examines the strange abilities of Edgar Cayce, the man dubbed the “Sleeping Prophet of Virginia Beach” as it pertains to his readings on the mysterious group known as the Essenes and various biblical characters who lived during the time of Jesus over 2000 years ago.
Edgar Cayce was a simple man who loved fishing in his spare time, was a portrait photographer by trade, and one who loved life and his close-knit family. Above all he was a religious man whose personal beliefs were often at odds with the information transmitted during his trance state readings.
During those times, he gave people information about their medical conditions and cures that were contrary to the accepted medical procedures of his day. Today some of these have become more commonplace in holistic medicine and today are among commonly used naturopathic practices. He has been therefore called the father of holistic medicine. A man before his time for certain. Some called Edgar, a man out of time for he seems to have reinvigorated albeit through the unconscious trance state, the practices of ancient physicians once again.
In addition to his medical readings, he also gave life readings upon request. In most of those readings people were astonished to find that they had lived before. While most were found to be average people, in a handful of cases individuals were reported to have been persons of historic significance. In even a few cases these souls had lived lives during the time that Jesus walked the earth and it is these few upon which this book is focused.
Their roles in Jesus life were varied. There were teachers, acquaintances, friends and personal relationships. In addition, a good number of these people were part of the Essene community, which Mr. Cayce knew about prior to the surprise discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls which occurred after his death and which then introduced them to the world at large after being translated painstakingly for years. Edgar Cayce spoke of these people on the shores of the Dead Sea and northern Palestine, today’s Israel, before he died in 1945 and they were discovered in caves in 1947.
What the Cayce readings say about the people and the times is very informative and its accuracy is borne out through actual historical records also included for the reader. The information presented by this simple farm boy in the trance state should and will, provide food for thought for even the most ardent skeptics.

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