North and South Nodes: Guideposts of the Spirit by Cynthia Bohannon

The North and South Nodes, as guideposts of the spirit, have long been viewed as a karmic factor in the natal horoscope. Through them the individual can gain a fuller meaning of this life’s purpose as well as insights into how to best accomplish and achieve the resolution of past karma. The soul, as a separate entity from the spirit, is the main body force in each individual. It is located just outside the material body and above the head. The spirit is a product of the soul created by a combination of soul and spirit forces, and is located within each individual. The soul is the giver of life to the spirit and it is the spirit that possesses those traits which belong to each and every human being. In this book, Cynthia Bohannon, explains the influences of the North and South Nodes in the signs and the houses, and in conjunction to the planets, Vulcan, and Persephone. She also includes separate chapters devoted to the North Node conjunct Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Moon and Neptune. Specific chapters devoted to the South Node include its conjunction to Saturn in the signs, Uranus in the signs, Neptune in the signs, Pluto in the signs, and Lilith in the signs. Insights are offered for each regarding how to resolve the message of the Nodes. Other chapters focus on the transiting planets conjunct the natal South Node, and the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the houses. This book concludes with an Appendix, Dealing with Emotions.

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