Mission of Life: Lunar Nodes are the Keys by J Atalane

Dane Rudhyar already connected the axis of the lunar nodes to the desirable orientation of every fate.
Atalane goes farther. He shows us why and how the lunar nodes are the real keys which open all the doors of the personality in its most secret foundations. The axis of the nodes indeed is the karma axis of our fate, the one who reveals our “mission of life”. It is in a way its spinal column providing a real philosophy of life and the enthusiasm to put each of us to work.
Never have we felt with Atalane any dogmatic limitations nor a limited vision of humanity.
At the contrary, richness of his interpretations continuously opens new doors to comprehension of men and women, as well as of our lifes and our schemes. This book is indeed a complete treaty of philosophy carried out by a deeply penetrating vision of humanity which resets any individuals in the center of their own life experience instead of confining them in any social, religious, ethical, psychological or astrological normality.

This book describes which are your choices of life throughout the variety of life missions proposed by the lunar nodes (Rahu and Khetu in India) such as they were situated in your horoscope on the very day of your birth. Whether you are astrologer or not, this book allows you to become aware of the objectives which lead you toward the success of your life and its plenitude on all the sectors or, on the contrary, emphasize your erroneous attitudes, excess or errors, i.e. these small details which are triggering your failures.

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