Kabala Unveiled Discourses (THE 22 MAJOR ARCANA) by Frater Aquarius (1933)

The word Kabala means tradition. It is esoteric Jewish mysticism usu­
ally associated with the Zohar, but actually including other works, and
having a history which goes back to the early centuries A.D. when the
Sepher Yezirah was written, if not earlier. The spelling Kabala has
been adopted for this series, although transcription of the word from
Hebrew includes a number of different spellings. The Zohar is the
“Book of Splendor” while the Sepher Yezirah is the “Book of Creation.”
The English translation of the Zohar by Harry Sperling and Maurice
Simon in five volumes was published in London by The Soncino Press in
1931. The Sepher Yezirah may be obtained from the Rosicrucian Supply

The Aramaic language of the Zohar is primarily a literary form of the
thirteenth century, although part of the work is from the Babylonian
Talmud and in the style of the old translation of the Torah. In the
work Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai of the second century teaches his students
the mysteries of the Kabala, and the Zohar has often been attributed
to him.

Some correspondences to other mystical teachings are probably not from
direct influence but are similar because they are archetypal concepts

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