Universal clock Forecasting time and price in the footsteps of W D Gann by Jeanne Long

If one is very fortunate, once in a lifetime a eureka moment strikes. Following in the footsteps of W.D. Gann, in search and discovery of the Universal Clock is such a moment. However, the word ‘moment’ should be replaced by ‘years.’


I believe that W.D. Gann used the Universal Clock for his personal trading and for most of his now famous predictions. The Clock functions as a Master Timing Device. The easy proof of this is the fact that his predictions pan out accurately on the Universal Clock.

This book is intended to introduce the reader to the multifaceted use of the Universal Clock. lt is but part of a mammoth research project. This book contains my major discoveries, after being seriously involved for so me 30 years in Astronomy, Astrology, Archaeoastrono my and 12 years in the Futures Markets. Each chapter, in fact, describes different tool. Each chapter has been a step along a multi-year journey. Yet they are from the same Universal toolbox.

To obtain the maximum benefit from this book, study and work with each chapter ONE AT A TIME. Until you master, not just the concept,
but the actual workings of each individual technique. It you try to understand and use all the tools at once, only confusion and frustration will result.

Those of you who are prepared to put in the effon required to master these new (ancient} discoveries, will find rewards beyond your expectations. (Like everything else in life; nothing succeeds like purpose, effort and perseverance!) Traders and analysts who truly want to understand how the Universal Clock works must make sure that chapters 4 & 5 are totally clear to you before you attempt using the information to forecast Time and Price.

All six Astrotechniques covered in this book “work” in the Real Market Place. I use them in my trading, in combination with my own valid technical tools. l suggest you do the same.

The words that are capitalized throughout the book are meant to draw your attention to that word or point. The symbols used at the beginning and ending of each chapter range from early pictograms to Classical Sumerian, Old-Babylonian and Nee-Babylonian cuneiform script. The word ‘star’ in Classical Sumerian cuneifarm is used to start Chapter 1. The W.D. Gann quotations are mostly from his book ~Tunnel Thru The Air.”

I have really tried to make these discoveries and information practical and usable. I hope you will find it as helpful in your trading as I do.



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