45 Years in Wall Street and New Stock Trend Detector by William D Gann

45 Years in Wall Street: A Review of the 1937 Panic and 1942 Panic, 1946 Bull Market with New Time Rules and Percentage Rules with Charts for Determining the Trend on Stocks

Gann’s final economics work, bound as issued with his 1936 classic, New Stock Trend Detector, in scarce. A leading Wall Street trader for over 40 years, William Delbert Gann was a highly regarded expert in timing cycles, price shifts and trend analysis. His 24 “Rules for Trading in Stocks,” which offer practical advice on risk management, buying and selling, and exit techniques, remain effective guidelines for success in the stock market. First issue, published in one volume with Gann’s 1936 classic, New Stock Trend Detector, with its discussion of the stock market crash and a guide to trading methods designed to help the trader avoid any “pitfalls of reckless speculation.”

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