Spiritual Astrology: The Origins of Astro-Mythology and Stellar Religion: 7 (The Brotherhood of Light, Course 7)

The Origins of Astro-Mythology and Stellar Religion
The enlightened ones of ancient times sought to interpret the word of God in the starry script of the heavens.
The ancient Egyptians and Chaldeans identified 48 constellations as possessing key spiritual significance.
This volume traces the relationship of astrology to mythology, folklore, scripture, and the origin of religious holidays.
Spiritual Astrology explains the connections and deeper meanings of the tarot to the 10 degree astrological Decanates.
Course 7 in the Brotherhood of Light Study Program

“The esoteric messages of the Minor Arcana of the Brotherhood of Light deck remain forever a mystery without this wonderful book.” Allyn McCray, Church of Light Hermetician and Certified Teacher.

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