Astrology in a Nutshell (1902) by Charles H Webber


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A Study of the Heavens by Aid of the Hymalaya Wonder Wheel by Charles H Webber (1900)

COMPLETE ARCANA OF ASTRAL PHILOSOPHY, OR THE CELESTIAL PHILOSOPHER Being Genethliology Simplified, or the Doctrine of Nativities by W J Simmonite (1890)

Chaney’s Primer of Astrology and American Urania; Old Rules Simplified, New Rules Added, with Improved Nomenclature and Numerous Tables Never Before Published by W H Chaney (1890)

New Measures in Astrology: A Symbolic Basis in Directions by W Frankland (1928)

The Astrology Sourcebook: Your Guide to Understanding the Symbolic Language of the Stars by Shirley Soffer

Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars by Evangeline Adams (1930)

Astrology Your Place Among the Sun by Evangeline Adams

A New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology Or, The Art of Foretelling Future Events and Contingencies by Ebenezer Sibly (1826)