The Life Beyond Physical Death by Shriram Sharma Acharya

Life is eternal. Considering “Death” – the cessation of functions of physical body, as the end of life is a great delusion. The soul (Atm³), which is the beholder of bio-energy in the

physical body, is ageless, timeless and indestructible. The fear of “Death” ensues from the misconception that with the end of physical existence, the individual loses its identity in totality. A firm conviction in the continuity of life in future absolves man from the fear of “Death”.

Man is afraid of many things, but the fear of death is supreme, the very thought of which makes him shiver. The reason for this unusual reaction is the ignorance about the environment of life beyond the physical death. In this book an attempt has been made to remove these misconceptions and enlighten man about the facts he is curious to know about the unknown future.

The task of educating one about the other world is, however, not easy, since, the subject pertains to a para-normal phenomena and is, therefore, much beyond the reach of physical sciences. Sir Oliver Lodge -a well known authority on the subject too admits that it is not always possible to explain the laws of metaphysics in physical terms.

For readers, who consider the physical bodily senses as the exclusive means for finding the ultimate truth, the matter dealt with in this book may appear to be a utopian conceptual exercise. Others, who believe in the words of achieved saints and having para-normal vision, would find in it authentic material, which the writer has acquired and summarized after close interaction with many great souls.

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