Rejuvenation Without Medicines by Shriram Sharma Acharya

Nature has innately gifted all living creatures with vibrant health. Every creature is born with natural resources to be able to lead a healthy and happy life.

It is only at the level of human species that one observes a vast majority suffering from some or other kind of illness, affliction or weakness. When all other creatures, in spite of having nominal intelligence, keep themselves healthy, it is surprising indeed that human beings, claiming themselves to be intelligent, should be suffering from all kinds of diseases?

In this booklet, we bring to our readers Poojya Gurudev’s diagnosis of all the ills and his practical suggestions for improving health and vigour and attaining longevity. This is compilation of articles on the main theme ‘Rejuvenation without medicines’ published in ‘Akhand Jyoti: The Light Divine’, a bimonthly magazine of the Mission. These articles have been taken mainly from Poojya Gurudev’s popular booklet in Hindi titled “Bina aushadhiyon ke kayakalpa” (meaning ‘Rejuvenation without medicines’).

It is hoped that readers will appreciate the diagnosis of the causes of weakness and diseases and be inspired to follow the guidelines suggested by Poojya Gurudev for attaining integral rejuvenation.

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