Homeopathy with the 276 Subtle Gases by Sarah Schall and Michael McDonald

This book is both for the Homeopath who is ready and able to recognize “the great Philosopher’s stone, the knowledge of the fundamental cause of all diseases”(Hahnemann, 1852a), and the ultimate cure; and likewise for the Seeker who has a high regard for Truth in whatever form it takes. “Dare to be wise!” as Hahnemann said, echoing the ancient motto of Freemasonry: “Know Thyself” (Schall, 2012).This text will focus on the perpetual cycle of ego-centric desires as expressed in an insufficiently apprehended symbol of spiritual understanding called the enneagram.The enneagram is commonly used in psychology as a tool to explore interpersonal dynamics, but its reapprehension as a practical guide to homeo-therapeutics andself-perfection will prove its greatest value. To quote Gurdjieff (Ouspensky, 1940):The enneagram is  perpetual motion, the same  perpetual motion that men have sought since the remotest antiquity and could never find. And it is clear whythey could not find  perpetual motion.
They sought outside themselves that which was within them; and they attempted to
construct  perpetual motion as a machine is constructed, whereas real perpetual motion is a part of another perpetual motion and cannot be created apart from it. The enneagram is aschematic diagram of  perpetual motion, that is, of a machine of eternal movement. But of course it is necessary to know how to read this diagram.The understanding of this symbol and the ability to make use of it give manvery great power. It is  perpetual motion and it is also the  philosopher’s stone of the alchemists.… a motionless enneagram is a dead symbol; the living symbol is in motion.This same cycle was described in the Old Testament in the perpetual cycle of days of the week, and is utilized as such in Burmese MaHaBote astrology. The inspired application of the “7 deadly sins” by Ichazo to the enneagram has an unanticipated result in the potential goal of an unwavering inner equipoise transcending ordinary dualistic reactivity to the opposites of experience. Homeopathy attempts to nullify the extremes of reactive aberration responsible for gross diseases (Ghatak, 1936),and it has similar value in the pursuit of psycho-spiritual growth (Schmidt, 1929).There is an unbroken chain of cause-effect based on this unique cycle of perpetual motion, between God’s original “Let there be Light;” the unfolding spectrum of276 subtle gases and gross element-periodicity; and in the homeopathic approach to true Equipoise, i.e., the yogic goal of life. We shall attempt to demonstrate some of these natural correspondences (Corbin, 1995) in the paper which follows

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