Graphology for Every Man by Eric Singer (1951)

Contents: Ch. I. General Introduction; II. The History of Graphology; III. The Meaning of the Basic Tendencies of Handwriting; IV. General Layout and Elaboration of Handwriting; V. T Crossing, Dots on the I and Punctuation. VI. Signs, Movements, Gestures, Symbols; VII. The Working Out of an Analysis; VIII. What to Look Out For; IX. Graphological Quiz; X. A Sample Analysis; XI. Some Remarks on Another Letter. ***Graphology – the study of character from the analysis of handwriting – is a fascinating and useful science; and this book by a noted Austrian expert is one of the few to treat of it in a popular and readable manner. The reader is taught to distinguish all the separate indications in handwriting – crossing of t’s, dotting of i’s, length of ascenders and descenders, the “slope” of the handwriting, size, weight and spacing, etc. – and to give each its special significance and emphasis in analysing the writer’s character. The illustrations include 40 different ways of crossing t’s and 120 other different samples of handwriting, including the Southport poisoner. A graphalogical “quiz” is also included.’ ***’A revealing, intriguing and scientific method of attaining a closer understanding of human personality.’ ]Western Mail] ***’The best study of its size that has so far appeared in this country.’ [Prediction] Quote and review quote from inside front dustwrapper blurb. ***”Eric Singer, a Doctor of Law of Vienna University, studied handwriting analysis and psychology under experts in Austria and Switzerland. He specialized in the study of English handwriting and, leaving Austria, after the German invasion in 1938, has now settled in London, where he works both as a graphologist and as stamp-dealer. He is retained as professional handwriting consultant by several big industrial concerns, and has also a considerable private practice.’ (Quote from The Graphologist’s Alphabet blurb)

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