Some Useful Charts for Rituals by Shaktanand

(Non astro books – more of a guidance of grah/nakshatra/muhurta etc for rituals)

A normal human being,right from the time of birth to the time till death, is
affected by a number of things. As per Sanatan Dharma, apart from his
karmas of the previous life he is affected by the planets, Nakshatras, by
elements throughout his life. Everyone in the universe wants to lead a
happy, well provided for and comfortable life. Though everyone seeks it but
how many get that? One always finds something or the other missing in life.
A human is always Abhav grast, there is always something missing. A natal
chart has 12 houses in which nine planets move. Thus there also some
houses are bound to be empty. If one had everything whatsoever desired, it
will only bloat the ego and result in the downfall of the person surely.
Since everyone desires happiness and joy in the life span, Rishis thought of
ways to find auspicious moments when any important endeavor should be
performed which has the best possible chance of success. They did many
kinds of calculations and came up with many such standard formats.
We thought of bringing a few of these formats in this collection to help
people find the most opportune moment of success so that efforts do not go
waste. These charts should be used for the purpose of self-evolution and
improvement in the sadhana by the spiritual practitioners. Along with the
charts, some examples and description are also mentioned for easy
understanding. Hope everyone will benefit from the collection and rise
further in their spiritual quests of realizing the self.

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