Graha Dosham and Pariharam by Lalitha V

All human beings face some kind of problem or other at various points of time and they must have come across advices given by various spiritual persons/astrologers. Learned persons attribute the various difficulties to the different types of Graha Dosham (Dosh) viz. planetary afflictions and suggest various remedies. We have done extensive studies about various Graha Doshams (Planetary Afflictions) and their remedial measures (pariharam) in various places of worship in Kashi and Tamil Nadu. The details of Doshams (afflictions) have been culled out from authentic ancient texts and the remedial places of worship have been located by personal visits by the author and her husband. Astrological charts have been given to explain the position of planets which constitute various Doshams. It is believed by properly applying the remedial rituals in consultation with the learned pundits in the respective places of worship, the affected persons get a strong inner energy and resolve to overcome the evils of the afflictions

Kinds of Doshams and Remedies suggested for

Manglik Dosh or Chevvai Dosham.

Kaala Sarpa Dosham.

Naadi Dosham.

Shani Dosham

Weakness of various Grahas (planets in the horoscope)

Doshams due to Chandra.

Gandantha Dosham

Kem Drum Yog, Shakata Yog

Guru Dosham

Pitru Dosham

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Graha Dosham and Pariharam in Kashi and Tamilnadu by Lalitha V

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