Astronomical Dating of the Mahābhārata War by Dieter Koch

The Mahabharata epic narrates the events surrounding a great war that marked the end of a past age and the beginning of the current age, the so called Kaliyuga. Historicity and dating of this war are highly controversial. However, the text contains clues of calendrical and astronomical ‎‎(astrological) nature that have caused numerous attempts to ‎date the war astronomically. This work evaluates former attempts of this kind and arrives at the ‎conclusion that the epic is referring to astronomical ‎configurations that occurred around 1198 BCE. In that year, ‎all the planets disappeared in the glare of the Sun for several ‎weeks and then synchronously reappeared in the morning sky. ‎According to the text, this astronomical event took place in ‎the area of the lunar mansions Viśākhā, Anurādhā, and ‎Jyeṣṭhā and was accompanied by a solar and a lunar eclipse.‎

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