Your Solar Return: A Living Diary of Life Through the Annual Solar Revolutions by Cynthia Bohannon

The annual solar return is a living diary of life. Each year its message builds on the previous year’s solar return and indicates pathways into the future. Through the solar return one can determine whether progress is being made, how best to make progress, and how to avoid mishaps. With continued use, the solar return becomes a learning tool and a mirror of the individual’s life. Your Solar Return by Cynthia Bohannon contains information that brings an awareness and guidance that cannot be obtained from any other system. It emphasizes the value of viewing the solar return as a natural and insightful progression of life. Included in this book are sections on the solar return Ascendant sign, intercepted signs, aspects, and how to use a solar return calendar in order to obtain the maximum benefits from this predictive tool. In-depth sections focus on the meanings of the planets and their house placements. In addition to the traditional planets, there are sections on Lilith, the Part of Fortune, South Node, North Node, Persephone, and Chiron in the houses.

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