Ancient Astrological Gemstones and Talismans: The Complete Science of Planetar Gemology by Richard Shaw Brown

This striking presentation contains 161 full color plates of flawless gemstones and talismans with unparalleled commentary drawn from ancient sources largely unkown to western scholars.

An INTRODUCTION to Planetary Gemology Author’s Note: Ignorant Skepticism Vs Time-honored Wisdom SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY BIRTHSTONES GEMSTONE POWERS GEMSTONE CLARITY ASTRAL GEMSTONE TALISMANS HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR PLANETARY GEM ANCIENT VEDIC GEM LORE MODERN GEMOLOGICAL DATA The Creation of Astrological Gemstone Talismans GEMSTONE NARRATIVES CRYSTALS RATNA-ARPANA: Planetary Mantras, Charity and Fasting GEMSTONE COLOR & CLARITY THE PLANETARY HERBS Ref. Nepal Ayurveda Association 1974 What are REAL ‘jyotish quality’ NATURAL Pearls? The “Other” Pearls Planetary Rudraksha Bija A ‘sacred seed” Sri Kailasa Sila : A ‘sacred gem’ Sri Lakshmi Conch Shell: The most ‘sacred shell’ Sri Shalagram Shila:The most ‘sacred gem’ Glossary and Bibliography

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