The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Using W.D.Ganns Square of Nine by Patrick Mikula

The most popular financial trading tool from the legendary trader W.D.Gann is the Square of Nine. This book was created to bring together every known method for trading and forecasting the financial markets with the Square of Nine. If you are a Square of Nine beginner this book was written with you in mind. The book is written in simple language with many examples. Previous knowledge is not required to learn to forecast the financial markets with the Square of Nine. The book discusses forecasting both the time of change in trend and prices. The forecasting techniques can be learned and applied within a matter of a few weeks. For advanced traders this book will become your reference for the Square of Nine trading methods. Everything is right here in one book. There is no double from the reader feedback that even advanced trader will learn something new about forecasting in this book. Chapter 1 shows the math formula for moving around the Square of Nine. Chapter 16 and Chapter 17 show trading indicators that you can calculate in a spreadsheet or any software with a programming module. Many Square of Nine enthusiasts have bought this book just to see the formulas for these indicators. Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 show the Square of Nine’s two best time cycle forecasting methods. Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 show how to put the Square of Nine price forecasts and time forecasts together to make a price time forecasting grid. Read the table of contents and you will see there is a lot more!

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