Practical Crystal Healing: 555 Tips & Techniques by Nicole Lanning

Practical Crystal Healing – 555 Tips and Techniques is a simple guide for any crystal healing practitioner, whether they are just starting out or are a bit more advanced in their learning. The real heart of this book lies within the 555 different tips and techniques to use for crystal healing. These are common ailments and conditions that have personally been worked on by the author, Nicole Lanning, in her own crystal healing practice and studies. They have been tested and re-tested over many years for their accuracy and validity. Other topics covered include: Choosing Your Crystals, 8 Cleansing Techniques, 3 Programming Techniques, 15 Chakra and Crystal Correspondences, 12 Aura and Crystal Correspondences, Crystal Elixirs, Crystal Gridding, Crystal Healing Bags and much more. Each individual works within a different vibrational level and will resonate individually to different crystals. What is shown in this book will work for everyone to enhance his/her own crystal healing potential.

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