Palmistry Made Easy (How to Read the Hand) An Indian Palmist: Read Your Own Hand And The Hands of Others

200+ page excellent palmistry eBook – Author hasn’t revealed his identity

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Grammar of Palmistry by Katharine Hill (1893)

Masters of Destiny: The Hands and Careers of Seventy five Famous Men and Women by Josef Ranald (1932)

The Science of the Hand: Or, the Art of Recognising the Tendencies of the Human Mind by the Observation of the Formations of the Hands by Casimir Stanislaus Arpentigny (1886)

Read Your Own Palm by A L Bhagwat

Hast Rekhayen Bolati Hai हस्त रेखाएं बोलती हैं (Hindi) Cheiro’s Language of Hand by G S Kapoor

Vruhad Hast Rekha Shastra (Hindi) by Rajesh Anand

How is Today For You by A L Bhagwat

Remedial Measures in Astrology by G S Kapoor

Phala Deepika by Mantreswara: A Unique Classic on Hindu Predictive Astrology by G S Kapoor

Learn Astrology: The Easy Way by G S Kapoor

Brighu Sutram: An Ancient Gem of Hindu Predictive Astrology (Classic) by G S Kapoor

Manual of Cheirosophy (Cheirognomy + Cheiromancy by Edward Heron Allen (1885)

Ank Jyotish अंक ज्योतिष (in Hindi) of Cheiro by Rakesh Shastri

Anko Me Chhipa Bhavishya अंकों में छिपा भविष्य A Treatise On Numerology (in Hindi) by Cheiro

You and Your Hand by Cheiro

Confessions Memoris of a Modern Seer (1932) by Cheiro

Book of Numbers : Chaldean Numerology Explained by Cheiro

Palmistry of Love, Life and Marriage by Cheiro

Language of the Hand by Cheiro

When Were You Born? by Cheiro

The Book of the Zodiac: You and Your Star by Cheiro

Palmistry Or Scientific Cheiromancy by Edwina Symmes

Palmistry for All by Cheiro