Principles of Practical Natal Astrology: Talented Astrologer Training Book 1 by Kevin B Burk

No one is born with the ability to interpret a natal chart. Talented astrologers got that way because they developed astrological interpretation skills. Interpreting a natal chart isn’t a simple skill. It’s not even a complex skill. Interpreting a natal chart is a process. Principles of Practical Natal Astrology demonstrates, step by step, how to create detailed, specific, practical interpretations of any natal chart. Interpreting a natal chart is like painting a portrait. In both instances, the objective is to capture a likeness of the subject. You can capture the essence of a person without copying their appearance. The events in your life, your behavior, and your choices are external, and relate to appearance. Astrology looks beneath the surface to reveal the essence. One of the most important skills in astrology is the ability to connect the appearance of a client with the essence of the natal chart. The intention of Principles of Practical Natal Astrology is to help astrologers and astrology students to develop this skill. Part 1: Principles of Practical Astrology The first few chapters define practical astrology, explore how to develop the skills of a talented astrologer, and introduce the concept of a three-dimensional chart interpretation. Part 2: Grammar and Syntax of the Language of Astrology In addition to learning the correct relationship between planets, signs, houses ruled, and the house occupied, you also learn how to work with the Essential Dignities in the context of the natal chart, using the Board of Directors model. Part 3: Systematic Approach to Synthesized Interpretation In these chapters, Sally Ride’s chart is used as an example to explore the process of creating a written, synthesized interpretation of a natal chart. Part 4: The Spice Rack Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can add a pinch of spice to your interpretations by including sensitive points in the chart, working with dispositor trees, or incorporating Dignity and Debility. Part 5: Synthesized Natal Chart Interpretation Example The final chapters are an astrological portrait of George Lucas, including all of the interpretation notes, and the final interpretation created from the notes. Part 6: Appendices and Resources In addition to a comprehensive glossary of terms,

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