Astrological Relationship Handbook by Kevin B Burk

When most people begin to study astrology, the first thing they want to know is what their birth chart has to say about them. The second thing they want to know is what their birth chart says about their relationships. In this workbook, combined with the “Astrological Relationship Handbook,” you will learn everything you need to use astrology to understand and improve your relationships. You will learn how to use classical astrology to create a context for understanding each individual’s birth chart. You will learn how to create your own, synthesized interpretations of the key relationship issues and patterns in any natal chart. And you will learn how to build on this foundation and discover how to compare two natal charts and identify the key challenges and opportunities in any relationship. YES! You can teach yourself how to create your own, synthesized astrological interpretation and analysis of any relationship! Complete the worksheets with your interpretations of the example celebrity relationships-and then check your answers in the Appendix, where you will see how Kevin B. Burk interpreted the same worksheets!

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