Practicals of Mantra and Tantra by L R Chawdhri

Mantra and Tantra, the occults of Indian Culture have been expounded in detail by the author in this book. Mantra Shakti is the supereme than Tantra Shakti. The book is divided into two parts. The Mantra and the tantra.

Both deal with mystic formulae. Tantra is the form of dialogues between LORD Shiva and his consort PARAVATI.

On the metaphysical and religious side they treat of FIVE topics, creation, destruction, worship of the Gods and Goddesses, attainment of Superhuman faculties ad Union with the Supereme spirit through meditation. On the material side they deal with six fold activities, Shanti Karan, Vashi Karan, Stambhan, Videshan, Uchattan and Maran. The methos of all the ELEVEN MANTRAS have been explained in detail from practical point of view in this book.

First Part THE MANTRA consists of mantras on the above Eleven sides of different deities and Devas which if recited correctly produce the desired results.

Tantras has it origin from Hoary antiquity, and his been in practice since 2nd and 3rd century in Jainism, Budhism, Brahminism and b Muslims. Even is Guru Granth Sahib many slokas have been provided for the above sides and are named “Sankat Mochan Shabad” by scholars who have consolidated in above book.

Mantras and Tantra are Sadhanas, methods, Path and technique. These are not magic or Jadoo Tona. This Science consists of occult practices to be undertaken under the direction of a Guru. It enjoins the worships of a Deva or Deities, meditation on them, the recitation of Mantras and the use of Tantra and Yantra for achieving the goal. All such methods have been provided in detail in this book.

The author through years Sadhana and practice has provided



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