Handwriting Analysis: Putting It to Work for You by Andrea McNichol and Jeffrey A Nelson (1994)

Anyone Can Learn to Analyze Handwriting

Andrea McNichol takes the mystery out of graphology through a series of interactive workbook-style exercises that are easy to follow, fun to do, and so expertly structured that anyone can begin using the principles of handwriting analysis quickly and accurately.

As one of the nation’s foremost professional graphologists and researchers, Andrea McNichol knows that handwriting analysis can benefit every kind of relationship and believes it shouldn’t be difficult or confusing to learn. Her widely acclaimed step-by-step approach is based on years of experience working with law enforcement agents, business executives, lawyers, and educators. Beginning with the most basic concepts and the commonsense logic behind them, she guides readers a step at a time through increasingly more advanced levels, with each new technique building naturally on the one before. From the very first chapter you’ll practice interpreting actual handwriting samples (many from famous celebrities and infamous criminals), and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to apply your new skills to unraveling murder, theft, and arson mysteries drawn from real cases Andrea McNichol herself has been called in to solve.

If you’ve ever wondered what someone’s handwriting really means–your friend’s, your lover’s, your boss’s, associate’s, relative’s–Andrea McNichol’s complete easy-to-use handbook will show you how to find out. You’ll also learn how to analyze doodles to gain valuable insights about people who may not be able–or willing–to put their thoughts and feelings into words. Knowing how to interpret doodles gives you additional access to anyone’s mood, personality, or psychological state and is especially helpful when dealing with children who may not yet have mastered writing as a way to express their emotions.

Andrea McNichol studied at the Sorbonne and the University of Heidelberg and today teaches graphology at six University of California campuses. She has been consulted by law enforcement agencies across the country, Fortune 500 companies, and the State Department and has served as Examiner of Questioned Documents in such cases as the Howard Hughes will, the Ted Bundy murders, the Hitler Diaries, and the Billionaire Boys’ Club case.

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