How to Judge Longevity (KP) by K Hariharan

In this book, the author has chosen to write elaborately on Longevity duly giving various lessons to make easy for the students of Astrology to assess total span of life from a nativity or a Horary Chart, to make the student thoroughly familiar with the principles under the system of Sub Theory and also to arrive at the significators connected to Maraka and Badhaka houses. The entire lessons are treated with clear explanations under Krishnamurti Paddhati (Sub Theory) which is gaining momentum and it has certainly revolutionized the whole concept of the predictive science of Astrology. Table of Contents: 1. Letter to the author 2. An interview with K. Hariharan 3. Preface 4. About Krishnamurti Padhdhati 5. What is Krishnamurti Padhdhati 6. Longevity – assessment 7. Longevity 8. On predicting longevity of death 9. Mother’s longevity 10. Longevity of mother through K.P. horary 11. Daughter’s chart gives clue regarding mother’s longevity 12. Longevity through K.P. horary 13. Premature death 14. Longevity – K.P. verified 15. Ascendant an important factor in determining longevity 16. Longevity – horoscopy 17. Premature death of a child 18. Longevity assessment & premature death of the child 19. Grandfather’s longevity & end through grandson’s birth chart 20. The demise of my officer & K.P. horary 21. Longevity 22. Child birth & short life 23. Longevity of a couple 24. Longevity – how stellar astrology precisely predicts 25. Doctor gives number to know the longevity of the patient.

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