Horary Astrology (KP Reader 6) by K S Krishnamurti

K P Horary Astrology (KP – Sixth Reader) While carrying out research, the author found that the general principles enunciated by the ancients and also those given out by the scholars of other countries cannot be strictly adhered to and applied to one and all. It is evident and clear, especially in twin births, since the rule may come out correct in the case of one but fails miserably in that of the other as the result is diametrically opposite. There is no coherence, no clarity, whereas confusion and contradiction do exit. Prof. Krishnamurti evolved certain methods which are most convincing, very clear and pinpointing to the time of event and explaining the nature of event to the entire satisfaction of the querist and the astrologer. It guides properly. So this method known as Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) is the best and is very useful to the querists, as the predictions come out correctly. Also, it brings name and fame to the astrology. True to say, this is the most authoritative of Prof. K S Krishnamurti’s works on an entirely special department of instant prediction even without a birth char which most people do not have. In writing this most popular and very useful book, Prof. Krishnamurti has dealt elaborately with the Indian and Western classical methods and expounded his own clear technique of prediction based on Nadi stellar system known to ancient saints and sages.

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