Casting The Horoscope (KP Reader 1) by K S Krishnamurti

Casting the horoscope – Reader -1 K P Contents: 1. Preface; 2. Introduction; 3. The mother earth; 4. To locate a place on earth; 5. The heavens; 6. Different kinds of time: Standard time, Local mean time; 7. Date from which the standard time is adopted by various nations; 8. Difference between Greenwich Mean Time & standard time; 9. Conversion of the standard time to local mean time; 10. Sidereal time at the place of birth; 11. The Ephemeris; 12. Sidereal time for the time of birth; 13. Signs & houses; 14. Symbols; 15. Table of Houses; 16. To find out the position of planets; 17. Ayanamsa; 18. Ayanamsa tables from 1840 to 2001; 19. Tables for navamsa chart; 20. Vimshottari dasa; 21. Sub-division of dasa; 22. To make use of Krishnamurti ephemeris; 23. What is a year!; 24. Fortuna; 25. Tables for sunrise at various northern latitudes in local mean time; 26. Tables for sunset at various northern latitudes in local mean time; 27. Aspects & their significance; 28. Casting a horoscope using Krishnamurti ephemeris to read results as per K.P.; 29. War time or civil time; 30. Erection of horoscope; 31. Appreciation by Mrs. K.C.S. – correct birth time: K.P. gives clue. Comment: As the title suggests, this is a book teaching how to cast a horoscope. It is quite wordy. The author offers many explanations & reasons why he does things the way he does. The Krishnamurti system uses its own ayanamsa. For the sake of reference, that value, as of January 1, 2000, was 23 degrees, 46 minutes. It increases at a rate of 8 minutes per decade, or 83 minutes per century, or, to be absolutely precise, 50.2388475 seconds per year.

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