Astro Secrets and Krishnamurti Padhdhati Volume 3 (KP) by M P Shanmugam


1. Correct Time of Birth

2. The Quintessence of the Superior

3. Realisation of Amount Lent

4 Love Marriage through: Horary & K.P. Sub. Lord theory 5 Cuspal Sublords and their impact on Dasa Effects

6. Principle of Sublords and Relevant 7. Astrology: Traditional and K.P.

8. Retrieving Lands from Tenant 9. On Buying a Vehicle

10. Theft Articles Revealed through


11. Child Birth and the wonderful behaviour of Sub

12. How the Ruling Planets work?

13. On Foreign travel 14. K.P-A unique predictive method

15. Free from Debts 16. Change in job

17. Marriage time correctly Analysed 18. KP. Deeper Predictive System



b d, in prior

by K.P.

19: Marriage & Marital life: A Scientific Approach through Stellar Astrology

20. KP. Serves the Astrologers for calculating

the party Arrival & Reveals male or female 21. Will sarguna help me financially? K.P. Theory saves from the clutches of false

Interpretation of 7W Sani

23. When can expand my steel furniture business? 24 Fact or Fiction? Significance of third house cusp 25 Planets and Heart Diseases

26 Friends Arrival: K.P. Gives the clue

27. Horary Astrology: Its use in predicting minor events


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