Astro Cycles and Speculative Markets by L J Jensen


The Problem of Economic Causation 3 The Vibration Spectrum 5 The SunSpot Cycle 7 The Planetary Cycles 10 The Uranus Cycle 12 Some Conclusions 16 Section II 19 Foreword 21 Casting Mundane Charts 45 Notes Base Charts Keys 46 The United States Birth Chart 61 An OverSimplified Method of AstroCycle Interpretation 65 The Aspects or Angles Between Planets 68 Combining SignHouses and HouseSigns and Aspects 70 Planetary Aspects or Angular Relationships 80 Formation of a Market Forecast 82 Mundane Rulerships 25 CHARTS AND MAPS Partial Listsee Text 29 Progressions and Transits 31 SynthesisEstimating Economic Trends 35 The Houses in Mundane and Corporation Charts 39 Eclipses 42 Interpretation of the Planets in Houses and Signs 43 Section III 95 Foreword 97 Geometrical Fundamentals 101 First Steps in Charting 103 Resistance Objective and Trend 107

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