The Celtic Lunar Zodiac: How to Interpret Your Moon Sign by Helena Paterson

In The Celtic Lunar Zodiac by Helena Paterson you will discover the unique ancient astrology system used by the Druids, the priestly class of the Celts. This system was focused on the ever-present cycles of the Moon. This concentration was needed for them to determine the months of their lunar-oriented calendar and to determine the dates of festivals.

They associated each of the thirteen lunar months with a variety of things, including a tree, a stone, a planet, a character from their myths, and more. Over the years they discovered that people born within the same lunar months of the year had certain similar qualities. This is the information you will find revealed in The Celtic Lunar Zodiac. The knowledge can add insights into your life today, giving you a path for your future growth.

The book begins with a brief historical overview and a comparison of the Celtic zodiac with the more familiar Western zodiac. Once you have the basics the book goes into great depth. There is a chapter for each of the lunar months. Each begins with one of the breathtakingly beautiful paintings of Margaret Walty, illustrating some of the symbols associated with the month. Then you will learn the meanings of the planet, the tree, the tree alphabet letter, and the mythic figure associated with that sign. This is completed with a general description of a person born during this period, his or her positive and negative aspects, how the person approaches love and marriage, and more.

If you are interested in the Celts or in astrology, this book is a must.

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