Hayden’s Book of Synastry: A Complete Guide to Two-Chart Astrology, Composite Charts, and How to Interpret Them by Ajani Abdul Khaliq

Hayden’s Book of Synastry applies its “no holes in the chart” approach to the study of relationships—extending far beyond the relationship astrology you’ve been taught and into the realm of the satisfying, frustrating, and complex dynamics of exchanges between people. Discover the meaning behind all of those strange arrangements between yours and another’s planets which traditional astrology has struggled to interpret. Learn what the dwarf planet of social pressure, the symbol of peerless talent, and the formula for great riches say about you. Learn the connection between spacetime, planetary orbits and the chemistry of your own body which drive you to form the relationships you do, and learn it for every major planet, angle, and house combination you can think of. With discussion and interpretations of regular, synastry, composite, and relative/Davison charts, this book is truly a must have for anyone studying astrology solo, for two, or even three people. 


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