Cosmic Magnetism by Percy Seymour

The study of extraterrestrial magnetic fields is a relatively new one, confirmation of the existence of the first such field (that of our Sun) having come a s late as 1908. In the past 30 years a great ammount of knowledge has been accumulated on Cosmic Magnetism, which has turned out to be a truly fascinating topic for study. Percy Seymour’s book is the first to deal with the topic in a non-mathematical way, and he offers a fine introduction to his subject. The first three chapters consolidate our knowledge on magnetism in general and the magnetic field of the Earth, as well as discussing the reasons for studying astronomy and cosmic magnetism in particular. The remainder of the book is devoted to the main areas of cosmic magnetism – solar, plantetary and interplanetary fields, fields in stars and pulsars, fields of the milky way and fields in other galaxies. Cosmic Magnetism in an ideal book for sixth-formers and undergraduates studying physics or astronomy and will also appeal to amateur astronomers. as previous work on this topic has been ‘hidden’ in specialised academic journals.

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