Practical Stellar Astrology (Meena Nadi 2) Based Upon Nadi Astrology by NV Raghavan Chary

This book provides the essence of the predictive techniques based on Naadi principles in a lucid form and is a great asset to both beginner and practicing astrologers. This book unravels the mystery of timing of events which is very vital to the science of astrology.

About The Author

At the Outset I wish to state that I am not an astrologer by Profession. I had a keen interest in the subjects from my early years and there was an inner urge in me that I should learn astrology to an extent of perfection. I was born in 1913 in a village near by Madras. During the years 1933 to 1935, when I was a college student, studying in B.A. I used visit Tumkur (in Mysore state then) where my father was working in the Railways, I had a good fortune to come in close contact with an elderly gentlemen, sri Bhaskara Sastriar ( a pious, retired school teacher ). He gave me a glimpse of Satya Chariam. He also stressed the importance of the constellations on predictions and some basic concepts of Stellar Astrology.

As my Father was in Railway service , I was forced to enter into the same service in 1936 at Banglore(M.S.M. RLYS.) Late Sri R. Gopalakrishna Row was employed as a Signaller at Banglore, adjacent to my Office . due to our common interest in the subject of Astrology we frequently met and the series of discussions we had ensued on various systems of astrology.

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