Tibetan Earth Lords: Tibetan Astrology and Geomancy by Michael Erlewine

In Tibetan astrology and geomancy the Sa-Dak are the spirits that surround and protect a particular place, the lords of that land – the Earth Lords. In the Tibetan and Chinese traditions, every mountain, stream, and canyon is something more than just the sum of its physical parts plus whatever beauty it may possess. There are living forces in particular directions and vital forces embedded in the way things have come together to make each place what it is. Tibetans believe there are such things indwelling nature. This is why Feng Shui is so popular in these countries and much consulted. These Tibetan Earth Lords are similar to Feng Shui in that particular Earth Lords arise and control different geographic directions for varying lengths of time. Tibetans pay close attention to these Earth Lords and take care not to offend them. This book describes and illustrates over 100 of the Earth Lords and charts when these entities arise, in what direction, and for how long.

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