Tibetan Astrology by Michael Erlewine

Tibet, often called the spiritual and physical “roof of the world” has been the source of great inspiration to Westerners for over two centuries. Is Tibetan astrology as profound as its spiritual teachings? Well-known astrologer Michael Erlewine has spent the last thirty years finding out, including two trips to Tibet and China, learning to read Tibetan along the way. Erlewine introduces readers to the basic fundamentals of Tibetan astrology, topics like the Five Elements, Twelve Animals, the 60-year Cycle, the 9 Magic Square, and the Eight Trigrams are covered. But there are dozens of other topics, including the Tibetan Calendar, Lunar Months and, Dharma Practice Days, 11 Karanas, 27 Lunar Mansions, 8 Directions, 8 Portents, 27 Yogas, Weekday Combinations, Travel Days, Bad Years, Lo-Khak, Shi-Shey, Thus-Sun, Tomb Signs, 24 Sectors, 28 Conjunctions, 15 Conjunctures, Ten Combinations, Vital Forces, 12 Nidanas, Geomancy… More. 642 pages, 400 illustrations. Chart interpretations.

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