The Art of Feng Shui by Michael Erlewine

Feng-shui is superficially about adjusting the living space around you so that you can live more fully, moving things around, and so on. More importantly feng-shui is about learning to pay attention to the signals and signs your body has been getting all along — becoming aware of them and acting on this awareness. In this 550 page book (500+ illustrations) award-winning astrologer Michael Erlewine provides a comprehensive guide to using feng-shui in your home and on your property, plus how to develop an awareness of feng-shui reality. Erlewine, who has made repeated trips to China and Tibet, is knowledgeable not only about feng-shui, but also about the Asian astrology and philosophy behind it. The old saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words is especially true when it comes to feng-shui. Once you see a feng-shui concept illustrated, it is easy to grasp. Included here are over 500 diagrams, photos, and illustrations. If you are looking for complete guide to basic feng-shui, with pictures each step of the way, this is it. Topics include the history of feng-shui and Qi (Chi), its use in Chinese grave analysis and how this relates to interior feng-shui, plus more topics than can be listed here, but they include land forms, mountains, roads, and water analysis, also building positioning, shapes, roofs, fences, and driveways. Included are the types of Qi, their locations, eight trigrams, the forms of Qi, Lo-shu, the Ba-Gua, and House Gua. Interior feng-shui includes main door, entranceways, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, stairs, and so on. Also extensive sections on the Five Elements, the element environments, their seasonal and directional incluences, and the Nine Palaces. Most ofthese topics include many pages of examples, each detailed and illustrated. This book includes all the tables and diagrams needed for you to determine your personal and house Gua (numbers), and illustrations on how to use them – also interpretations of all positions. It is one thing to learn to diagnose a location using feng-shui, but another to know how to remedy it. The section on feng-shui remedies is very extensive and fully illustrated with photos and diagrams. Michael Erlewine is an internationally-known astrologer with over 40 years of experience as an author, teacher, and counselor. Aside from founding Matrix Software (the first astrological software company), Erlewine is also an Internet content pioneer, founding sites like,,,, and many others. He has authored more than 13 books on astrology and over a dozen books on music and film.

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