The Astrology of Local Space – Relocation Astrology by Michael Erlewine

“Local Space is no “subtle plane,” but a personal landscape painted in bold and clear strokes and tailor-made to fit the psyche of each individual. Here is a world where the modern man or woman is learning to move across the face of this earth in an endless dance of adjustment and tuning of his radix — of his or her self. Individuals driven in particular directions on a checkerboard world, unable to resist travelling toward a goal that is no particular place on earth so much as it is a direction imprinted within them, the direction of a force or planet, “There! Where Power hovers”, to use Don Juan’s expression. In a word, here is perhaps the must direct astrological system, where the obvious is enthroned and the subtle unnecessary.” Both the astronomy and the astrology are included, along with step-by-step examples on how to interpret Local Space charts. 207-pages. 140 illustrations.

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