Interface: Planetary Nodes by Michael Erlewine

Astrology is all about nodes. The planetary orbits also create a system of nodes, a system of inclinations and disinclinations. Each pair of planets (any two) orbital planes intersect to create sensitive points, more like power points for that matter. As the planets travel around their orbits through time, they reach these power points or nodes two times in a complete orbit or cycle. At that point, the planet is not only in the plane of its own orbit, but simultaneously in the plane of the second planet, and this is a point of power or emphasis. This book is about the system of planetary nodes, a system of inclinations/disinclinations, and how to interpret them in your own natal chart. The book not only covers the theory and history of this technique, but also includes 160 230 Astro*Image cards and written text that interprets each planet in the plane of every other planet, both at the Interface Points and the Square Points.

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