Reading Faces – Window to the Soul?(New Directions in Social Psychology) by Leslie Zebrowitz

Do we read character in faces? What information do faces actually provide? What are the social and psychological consequences of reading character in faces? Zebrowitz unmasks the face and provides the first systematic, scientific account of our tendency to judge people by their appearance. Offering an in-depth discussion of two appearance qualities that influence our impressions of others―“baby-faceness” and “attractiveness”―and an analysis of these impressions, Zebrowitz has written an accessible and valuable book for professionals and general readers alike.

Preface — Judging a Book by Its Cover — What’s in a Face? — The Bases of Reading Faces — A Baby’s Face Is Disarming — The Boons and the Banes of a Babyface — Analyzing Attractiveness — The Advantages of Attractiveness — Formative Faces and Pulchritudinous Personalities — Phasing Out Face Effects — Unmasking the Face

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