The Life Force – The Channels (Human design) by Ra Uru Hu

The Human Design BodyGraph is a guide to how you are meant to use your energy and make decisions. It gives you insight into how the body and mind function together holistically, and how your open Centers can bring you insight when you are trusting your Life Force and Inner Authority.

How can you use the BodyGraph to better understand what defines you? By learning about the 36 Definitions and the different Circuits they belong to, you will be able to recognize the variations in Life Force themes, and how they bring unique qualities to your own design.

The Life Force: The Channels is a 180-page investigation of the BodyGraph, offering an in-depth examination of Channels as a quantum expression of the 64 Gates. This eBook was originally an 11-part course taught by Ra Uru Hu in 2008, and is designed for newcomers as well as long-time students of Human Design. 

Price Rs 85 for eBook

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