Astrology Theologized by Anna B_Kingsford (1896)

A Treatise upon the Influence of the Stars on Man and on the Art of Ruling Them by the Law of Grace. Translation & Reprint from the Original by Valentine Weigelius in 1649. Prefatory Essay, by Anna Kingsford, on the True Method of Interpreting Holy Scripture. What Astrology and the light of Nature is, what influence the Stars naturally have on Man, and how the same may be diverted, and avoided. INCLUDING: * What Astrology is, and what Theology; and their reference one to another. * Of the three parts of Man; Spirit, Soul and Body, from whence every one is taken, and how one is in the other. * That all kinds of Sciences, Studies, Actions and Lives, flourishing amongst Men testify that all Astrology, that is, natural wisdom with all its species, is and is to be really found in every Man . And are produced, moved, governed, and acted from the inward heaven. And what are the Stars which a wise man ought to rule. CONTAINS 18 ILLUSTRATIONS

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