The Message of the Stars: An Esoteric Exposition of Natal and Medical Astrology Explaining the Arts of Reading the Horoscope and Diagnosing Disease by Max Heindel and and Augusta Foss Heindel


Table of Contents:

Publisher’s Preface; Part 1; Evolution As Shown In The Zodiac; The Measure Of Amenability To Planetary vibrations; Part 2; Were You Born Under A Lucky Star?; Reading The Horoscope; The Influence Of The Twelve Signs When Rising; The Intrinsic Nature Of The Planets; Part 3; The Children Of The Twelve Signs; The Sun, Giver Of Life; Venus The Planet Of Love; Part 4; Mercury, The Planet Of Reason; The Moon, The Planet Of Fecundation; Saturn, The Planet Of Sorrow; Part 5; Jupiter The Planet Of Benevolence; Mars The Planet Of Action; Part 6; Planetary Octaves; Uranus, The Planet Of Altruism; Part 7; Neptune, The Planet Of Divinity; The Doctrine Of Delineation In A Nutshell; Mind And The Ruling Planet; Your Luck In Life; Part 8; Marriage And Offspring; Progression Of The Horoscope; Different Methods Of Progression And The Reason For Them; Progressed Solar Directions; Progressed Lunar Directions; Part 9; Mutual Planetary Directions; Transits; Astrodiagnosis Of Disease; The Law Of Correspondences; Part 10; Thirtysix Example Horoscopes


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