Muhurtha Sindhu by Iranganti Rangacharya

The time is of two kinds : One is Nirguna and the other is the Saguna. The former is the infinite, eternal and immesasurable by which the universe is created and dissolved in it where as the latter which we experience in our ordinary life is changing non-eternal and measurable. The function-key of the universe is this non-eternal time which turns like a wheel under the control of the Sun. Hence the divisions of time are dependent on and determined by the Sun’s revolution in the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The Sun takes an year to complete one revolution and then many subtle divisions of time accordingly are computed like month, day, ghati, vighati etc. Among the many, the prime importance is given to the five viz year, month, day, lagna, muhurtha respectively in the increasing order.

​Since for all activities, muhurtha-sindhu is sinequanon, our ancient sages and scholars enjoined the norms of muhurtha in various arsha and nibandhana treatises some of which are not in print nor available to all. Unless one makes an extensive study of the texts regarding one cannot sincerely fix an auspicious muhurtha suited to the kind of activity, be it prenatal or post-natal or any other important activity, tothe best possible extent. The motto ofcourse is “more merits less blemishes” since is it is said, even the creator cannot fix a muhurtha absolutely free from blemishes.

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