Easy Way To Learn KP Birth Time Rectification by Kanak B Bosmia

When we cast a KP chart the correct birth time is necessary for accurate prediction, as the position of the sub lords cusps can vary even within in a few minutes difference. However there is no birth time rectification method that can always give the correct birth time, because the rectified birth time can vary depending on time, place and method of rectification. Even in using the same method, the rectified birth time can vary from one astrologer to another, because of the different ruling planets at the time of calculation. Under these circumstances, if only the birth time is doubtful, especially by the consultant himself or herself, the birth time rectification is being done by the help of ruling planets at the moment when you have the urge to solve the query, then mysteriously God will help you to select the astrologically correct birth time. (KP Reader III, p 281) After correcting birth time, verification is needed to confirm that the native’s life events agree with the rectified birth time. In this “Easy way to learn KP – Birth Time Rectification” book, Shri Kanak Bosmia has demonstrated his well tested RP-based birth time rectification methods with practical calculation of forty five examples for different variations of doubtful birth time, date and even year as shown in the table of contents. The basic guide line in his methods is that Moon’s position in RP will show the birth Ascendant position, and RP Ascendant will show the Moon’s position at the time of birth. All examples come with full birth particulars and RP details, so that readers can cast the chart themselves and practice what he has done. Verification of different life events in each example will also help readers to learn practical application of KP rules and house grouping.   This is a very useful reference book for KP followers for birth time rectification!

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